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Consent Packet

In this free consent packet you will find all different types of play and safety. It is broken down into different play, body parts, & implements or toys. It allows for people to sit with their play partner and go over a list of common and uncommon play styles and see what each person likes, doesn’t like, or is curious about. This consent packet can be used in several different ways.

1. Each player takes a copy of the consent packet and goes to their own space, filling out the entire packet. Once each player is done, come back together and go over the packet together, or trade packets and see what each other put.

2. At the start of a dynamic, have your partner fill this out. Then once a year or how ever often you’d like, have them fill out a new one and see what has changed.

3. Use it at a play party to find commonalities amongst other party attendees.

4. Fill it out yourself to question your curiosities.

5. Have a copy filled out and posted to your social profiles to let other players be aware of things you enjoy.

There are countless ways it can be used, check it and see how you would use it! Simply download the pdf and you can print a copy for


(note page 7 needs to be printed in landscape mode to fit entirely on the page.)

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