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Mission Statement: To educate and empower those consenting to a submissive lifestyle. 

  • Sub club was designed to help each and every submissive learn about themselves in a safe space and to be able to express themselves freely. 

  • Most importantly a BOND between sisters and brothers in bondage

Club info :
The Club will meet at Vikings Castle Monthly. A different topic will be discussed each month We will be doing crafts from time to time, Guest speakers will be scheduled, Field trips to be planned, Positivity workshops.....and more service oriented , slave positions, how to serve meals , drinks, etc advice and tips....
we  will supply light refreshments and crafting supplies when the time come

An evening just for 's' type

Founder bio:
Miss Kari founded the sub club when She saw a need in the community. Through Her experiences She watched BDSM become more main stream and with that She watched more dangers appear. Miss Kari wanted a safe place where every submissive would feel free to explore their submission and to learn if perhaps they were not only submissive but a slave or something else entirely.  Welcome to sub club. 
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