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Dominant Decisions

Mission Statement: To educate and empower those consenting to a Dominant lifestyle. 

  • Dominant Decisions was designed to help each and every dominate learn new skills and methods to help their relationships /dynamics.

Club info :
Vikings Castle has sub club for everyone on the right side of the /. and now we have one for the left side! come join fellow Dominats, Masters and tops in discusisions about lifestyle topics, technques, questions, how to's & methods in handling your subs, slaves & bottoms. every month we will have a topic to share on. in an attempt to better your dynamic or give your dynamic more depth. 

we have partnered with sub club. so your sub or slave can enjoy the benefits of sub club the same time you enjoy the benefits or Dominant Decisions 


Founder Bio:
Sir E3 has experiences from all over the place and has learned no one person can know every skill. He decided to start Dominant Decisions for a place that all D types can meet and learn new skills or talk through different ideas to solve a problem.. since we all know there is not one right way to do everything. 


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